Wear a Mask (do us a favor)

from by J-Toth from Hoth and Ace Ha

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Better not tell it on the mountain, un-
less you wanna see your brains spraying like a fountain.
On this pie, if you point out a
lie, or even ask why, you might die,

in a variety of methods, de-
pending upon how many heads you infected.
If it’s just your fam, maybe catch a glance,
you’ll still have to catch a cabulance,

and if you’re not back to your cabin fast,
they’ll raid your stash and put bugs in your
plants, your pants and your grandpa’s flask,
do it again, catch a couple in the ask,

and if your texting or questions are blessing the
airwaves, then you’re testing their pa-
tience. They get a little annoyed at
what they deem “unnecessary changes,”

like raising minimum wages.
What happens here stays here like Las Ve…[CENSORED]
Chill kid. Take a mask, you should try it.
‘Why’s that?’ So you don’t get “suicided.”

Tellers don’t last long,
they get Ceez’d…another sad song.
Become copyrighted talent,
then they make money off your ice-boxed ballad.

A kid I knew, who worked the local
views, caught a cool chance to report the
news, but a troll in charge wanted him to dis-
tort the truth, so he ignored the Roof.

He derped the perps and explored the proof,
the clerks were in thirst, so he poured the juice,
but corps couldn’t ignore this dude. They
stabbed him with his own tablet in the storage room.

There’s more to this than doom, but you
might consider a mask when you record a tune,
at least if your life’s worth more to you,
cause there’s a lot more they can afford to do,

like put your mother in a petting zoo,
make your little brother service Jesibooz,
take your newborn daughter too, and
offer her to their gods in some devil’s stew.

Ewww…that’s awful,
but oft times, it’s what you get for being lawful,
makes me depressed like a waffle,
I end up smoking T by the cropful.

The Ceez got that right.
Wanna turn people to zeeps? Keep ‘em mad high.
You’ll do your job, you’ll act nice, you’ll
respect the law: the Civil Acts Right.*

Then they respect the civils, so
vap a dab a day, take a break and keep it simple,
no stress, no pimples.
Just wear a mask, and don’t blow the whistle.

What you think you are, a referee?
Better not do that shit standing next to me!
They don’t see any difference between us,
We’ll be on freeze ‘til the next polar zenith…

alotta winter, and that’s not a winner,
I’m spoiled, I gotta have a hot dinner,
I’m annoyed with long johns and sweaters, and
no way in Hoth I’m eating Ton-Ton innards.

Look, we can be friends, but get this,
it’s gonna have to be from a distance,
stop popping off on other people’s business,
or at least wear this…

* excerpt from Hoth bill of Rights
“Inter-Planetary Shared Morals” [IPSM]

The Civil Act Right [CAR],

“The Civil Act Right, and the right act civil.”
(leading to the common phrases: ‘cardom’ or ‘cardumb’)

Historically, this phrased was defined as a balance of power and morals between different cultures. Two major belief systems evolved:
“The Civil” respected all life (the deontological)
“The Right” respected the right, (the teleological )
and because the difference became so apparent, the two ways of life had to compromise and create a law that would work for both.

Initially, the phrasing was to protect all life, but throughout time, the Right began to redefine words in their own way, because they could, and soon the definition of the Civil Act Right became a form of control, “if the civils act right, the right acts civil” (meaning, as long as the rest of you act how we want you to, we won’t infringe upon your rights) justifying their utilitarianism by warping the law to suit their usual desire: more. Soon, it’s very clear to the planet’s population that the Right just want more, and The Civils want love.

Solution: they ended up treating more like a sickness and cured it.
Prescription: the entire planet took high quality eMpathy at the same time (it’s like high quality Exstacy on Earth), and they all had the realization they were brothers and sisters of the same family, so they always worked out their problems with love forever after.

The Human Equality Act Dialogue [HEAD]

During increasing partisanship between the Civils and the Right, it became more obvious that the Right considered their existence to be of greater significance and proof of being more right than the rest of the people on the planet. Their logic dictated they were more valuable and thus deserved more money, more power and more control. Their time was worth more than anyone else’s. The Civils proved that one human’s time is no greater than another’s. From that point on, HEAD became the right to barter on an even playing field. All humans had the right to speak to one another on even terms, and that meant the Right had to allow their leaders access to any other Civil in a public forum or private. The meetings made progress after the Right began to empathize with the Civils.


from Death of the Empire, released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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