Death of the Empire

by J-Toth from Hoth and Ace Ha

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Inspired by Star Wars, this is how we defeated the empire...


released December 18, 2015

Produced by Ace Ha. Scratches by DJ Innovation. Extra instrumentation on 2, 3, 5, 11 and 14 by John Maxfield. Hook on 5 sung by Erin Stitzel. Hooks on 11 and 14 sung by LoLo Frees. Artwork by Dan Williams. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Toth from Hoth at the Cooler in St. Louis, MO for 2015.


all rights reserved



J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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Track Name: Intro (it's coming)
The future is coming, it’s coming, it’s coming…(x8)

Right… now!

Attention all Civils. It’s time to begin your day. Awake, your country needs you! Arise, feel good about yourself and your country. You are protected today, by your country and the Civil Acts Right. Remember, when the Civil acts right, the Right act civil. Enjoy your day!
Track Name: The Future Now (oh yes they did)
The Meglos finally did it,
their plots and plans,
turned politics into a business,
that only their close friends and family ran.

Law was no longer sought,
as a means for proving the truth,
verdicts were now bought,
by a handful of rich dudes.

The Ceez we were told,
knew the most about creating wealth,
but these CEOs,
didn’t mind destroying everybody else,

as long as profits were made,
and their boots retained loyalty,
but everyone was for sale,
so they were the best paid employees.

The Help covered up indiscretions,
sex scandals and wars,
drug running, fixed elections, and
experimenting on our fellow life forms.

Why not? They had the right.
They were the right, we were just civils,
We couldn’t stomach conflict or fights,
or protests or all night vigils.

Live and let live dudes,
we just wanted to do our thing,
but they did too,
except as kings and queens.

So eventually we let them,
how bad could that be?
Taxes pay for our protection,
trolling the world makes ‘em happy.
Track Name: Yes We Can (obey)
Welcome all Civils, ladies and gentlemen, and of course my fellow right. It’s me, your favorite hegemon and leader, Jonathan Hothschild. On this 100th anniversary of our precious Civil Acts Right. Let us celebrate diversity and victory over poverty, sickness and crime…

Thank you for the trust,
you placed in us, we’re forever grateful,
for the honor of allowing our club,
to control the planetary bankroll,

to show my appreciation,
I’ve written an official decree,
I’m down with legalization,
so from now on, your T will be free,

just like health-care and commodities,
everyone should get what they want,
and so long as you’re honest with me,
thou shalt not have not,

whatever I can do,
whatever you should need,
this I promise to you,
this I guarantee:

as long as you work with me, I’ll work with you,
follow the rules and respect the help,
and when it hurts to be free, check your view,
elect me again, and I’ll protect your wealth,

but I need your promise,
that you still trust our ways,
your needs will be honored,
can you just obey?

“Yes We Can!” (x8)

Thank you, free T for everyone! Smoke it, eat it, vape it… let’s party everybody!

Whatever the consequences, stay with me,
no matter what common sense says, stay with me,
I’m the one you like, the best that money can buy,
so keep spending, I’ll keep lending,
until you’re all mine… you’re mine, you’re mine…
Track Name: Wear a Mask (do us a favor)
Better not tell it on the mountain, un-
less you wanna see your brains spraying like a fountain.
On this pie, if you point out a
lie, or even ask why, you might die,

in a variety of methods, de-
pending upon how many heads you infected.
If it’s just your fam, maybe catch a glance,
you’ll still have to catch a cabulance,

and if you’re not back to your cabin fast,
they’ll raid your stash and put bugs in your
plants, your pants and your grandpa’s flask,
do it again, catch a couple in the ask,

and if your texting or questions are blessing the
airwaves, then you’re testing their pa-
tience. They get a little annoyed at
what they deem “unnecessary changes,”

like raising minimum wages.
What happens here stays here like Las Ve…[CENSORED]
Chill kid. Take a mask, you should try it.
‘Why’s that?’ So you don’t get “suicided.”

Tellers don’t last long,
they get Ceez’d…another sad song.
Become copyrighted talent,
then they make money off your ice-boxed ballad.

A kid I knew, who worked the local
views, caught a cool chance to report the
news, but a troll in charge wanted him to dis-
tort the truth, so he ignored the Roof.

He derped the perps and explored the proof,
the clerks were in thirst, so he poured the juice,
but corps couldn’t ignore this dude. They
stabbed him with his own tablet in the storage room.

There’s more to this than doom, but you
might consider a mask when you record a tune,
at least if your life’s worth more to you,
cause there’s a lot more they can afford to do,

like put your mother in a petting zoo,
make your little brother service Jesibooz,
take your newborn daughter too, and
offer her to their gods in some devil’s stew.

Ewww…that’s awful,
but oft times, it’s what you get for being lawful,
makes me depressed like a waffle,
I end up smoking T by the cropful.

The Ceez got that right.
Wanna turn people to zeeps? Keep ‘em mad high.
You’ll do your job, you’ll act nice, you’ll
respect the law: the Civil Acts Right.*

Then they respect the civils, so
vap a dab a day, take a break and keep it simple,
no stress, no pimples.
Just wear a mask, and don’t blow the whistle.

What you think you are, a referee?
Better not do that shit standing next to me!
They don’t see any difference between us,
We’ll be on freeze ‘til the next polar zenith…

alotta winter, and that’s not a winner,
I’m spoiled, I gotta have a hot dinner,
I’m annoyed with long johns and sweaters, and
no way in Hoth I’m eating Ton-Ton innards.

Look, we can be friends, but get this,
it’s gonna have to be from a distance,
stop popping off on other people’s business,
or at least wear this…

* excerpt from Hoth bill of Rights
“Inter-Planetary Shared Morals” [IPSM]

The Civil Act Right [CAR],

“The Civil Act Right, and the right act civil.”
(leading to the common phrases: ‘cardom’ or ‘cardumb’)

Historically, this phrased was defined as a balance of power and morals between different cultures. Two major belief systems evolved:
“The Civil” respected all life (the deontological)
“The Right” respected the right, (the teleological )
and because the difference became so apparent, the two ways of life had to compromise and create a law that would work for both.

Initially, the phrasing was to protect all life, but throughout time, the Right began to redefine words in their own way, because they could, and soon the definition of the Civil Act Right became a form of control, “if the civils act right, the right acts civil” (meaning, as long as the rest of you act how we want you to, we won’t infringe upon your rights) justifying their utilitarianism by warping the law to suit their usual desire: more. Soon, it’s very clear to the planet’s population that the Right just want more, and The Civils want love.

Solution: they ended up treating more like a sickness and cured it.
Prescription: the entire planet took high quality eMpathy at the same time (it’s like high quality Exstacy on Earth), and they all had the realization they were brothers and sisters of the same family, so they always worked out their problems with love forever after.

The Human Equality Act Dialogue [HEAD]

During increasing partisanship between the Civils and the Right, it became more obvious that the Right considered their existence to be of greater significance and proof of being more right than the rest of the people on the planet. Their logic dictated they were more valuable and thus deserved more money, more power and more control. Their time was worth more than anyone else’s. The Civils proved that one human’s time is no greater than another’s. From that point on, HEAD became the right to barter on an even playing field. All humans had the right to speak to one another on even terms, and that meant the Right had to allow their leaders access to any other Civil in a public forum or private. The meetings made progress after the Right began to empathize with the Civils.
Track Name: If This Ain't Love feat. Erin Stitzel
Wow…who is she? (screen noises)
Anonymous88888888. Ok,
How old? How many partners?
How many pregnancies? Sexual preferences?

I looked at her profile, she looked up mine,
emoticon smile, I took that as a good sign,
she looked like a good time, I’m gonna have to find out.
I checked her schedule…nice, she’s open for try outs.

“You look beautiful 8’s” (beep) message sent,
and with the wind change, I catch her scent.
I watch her read it, I see her blush,
then she’s asking me if, I got time for teaming up.

We gotta be discreet, we can’t be on this street,
in case an intern’s watching, and he adds us to his sheet.
She says her place is safe, what do we want to eat?
I say I’d rather wait, until after the meet and greet.

I bopped to her house first, I wait inside,
I got familiar, even though I wouldn’t learn her name tonight.
She walked in with her mask on, I still had mine,
we could take them off, hidden for the last time,

or just leave them be, in case I’m the wrong guy,
keep our secrecy, you’ll never be sure, it was her from online.
Love can be anonymous, it’s not too late yet,
if this wasn’t what you wanted, let’s stop, and have safe sex.

She took all her clothes off, I did the same,
our displays showed us, what we considered pleasure and pain.
I followed instructions, I did what she liked.
She made me come quick, but only after I made her come twice.

If this ain’t love, then what is it?
Ain’t love just, the one you get with?
If it’s love, it’s worth risking,
But hey love, it’s none of their business.

We were off to a good start, our bodies complied,
We were also off the charts, unlisted, we could still hide.
Part of me didn’t want to, she felt so good.
Will you let me flaunt you, to my friends and fam and neighborhood?

But there was still one step, that we had to get past,
Take one big breath, and then take off our masks,
Could I really trust her? I only met her last night,
Could it be just her, I hold sacred my entire life?

It’s dangerous to love, best to keep it secret
when the trollers know what’s up, they’ll see it as a weakness,
then they can play you, by taking your shine,
and all that may come true, if I make you mine.
Track Name: Community (critical mass comm)
I look around, and all I see are my people,
plants from the same planet, me equals,
we love and we live, that’s bilingual,
party on Darth, party on Threepio,

but if yer gonna kill in the name of my people,
it’s gonna be the shame of my people,
rationalizing the taking of lives is not
real, it’s a figment of the Right’s ego,

and if our leaders don’t do what we do,
what’s the point of allowing them to lead dude?
If they aren’t transparent and see thru,
why should they be privy to business between me and you?

And how come we need to,
pay these goons to be true to what we do for
free? The Hoth rule is ‘be cool,’
is it right they have more rights than we do?

Hey community, how ‘bout some unity,
and a lot less diplomatic immunity,
pardon me, but my patience is limited,
don’t understand? Then yer ignorant or in on it,

So which is it? Stupid or liar,
a mercenary or a cupid for hire,
you got paid, that’s why you don’t hear me, the
same kinda cats who call facts conspiracy theory,

they don’t have the time,
maintaining paychecks keeps ‘em in line,
step out, and get sent to hardening school, for
not being able to follow their arbitrary rules,

you’ve become a problematic stat,
problem with that, Ceez were never good in math,
the prison state keeps you out of their path, but
educate? Meglos ain’t got time for that.

Who takes care of us? Community. If there’s
beef who squares it up? Community.
What if the rebels attack? Fair enough, but
what if they’re mad at our government, and not us?

We’re fellow Hothians aren’t we?
How could you ever kill another Hothling?
Oh, he was resisting directions?
Really? And lots of other questions…
Track Name: Game Theory Machine (algorhythms)
My fellow brethren, it has come to my attention that the stench of public dissent has fallen upon us. Due to the violent nature of these demonstrators in the forms such unpatriotic acts boycotts, strikes, runs on banks and general economic sabotage, I do hereby decree: those who would fight our fair system, shall not have the rights of our fair system. If the Civil does not act right, why should the Right act civil? New rules boys, get to work…
Track Name: Apology Accepted feat. Abe tha Babe
Shit…eh boss, sorry, but uh, I kilt em.
(apology accepted)

Haaah… that’s right,
I cuffed a couple rebels last night,
they were sneakin round, and that was fine,
til they started seekin out the classifieds,
and she was leakin news to the views,
and the dude she was seein was preachin too,
as a team, they were seen tryn to teach the youth,
quite an unpatriotic thing to do,
the truth hurts, and it’ll cost,
your wife, your life or just your balls,
dont try to fight, take the loss,
and don’t cry when I tell her to take it off,
the nerve a yall, tryn to hurt the cause,
you nerds act like you never heard a law,
the worlds more secure with yer curtain call,
you heard the boss, (apology accepted)

Hey badge man,
gimme a hand, call some interns for these stiffs…
you know what, nevermind,
put em in the trash compactor, they won’t be missed…

Why fight for the wrong side?
I like having me a long life,
them jedi knights, they gone and died,
a helluva fight, but, boss is bonefied,
he got connections, and hoards of weapons,
the ceez knows hes no poor investment,
he uses force, and if theres any questions,
save yer voice, he dont take suggestions,
just lives, of those who go against him,
and if he likes, he tortures em before confessin,
cause now its legal, it aint forbidden,
if you got a ego, better keep it hidden,
that’s how Im livin, my teams winnin,
I got diplomatic status, I’m on a mission,
and even if I kill women or chidren,
I’m still forgiven.
Track Name: It Ain't Easy Bein' Ceez (1% of 1%)
Ay…you see those people down there?
(Yeah!) What on Hoth am I seeing down there?
(They’re taking their money out), they’re taking our money out?
You go down there (now?) No, RIGHT NOW!

Get some boots an the ground from the Tan-Tan pound,
I’ll call my brother, he’s a watcher outta Tan-Tan Town.
He’s got interns from here to the south hole,
and their storm troopers turn the party out too.

Nada mean? No crime scene, not a thing,
they swoop in with stun bombs, like (bada-bing!)
The mobs wake up in drop cloths, and a lotta greens
pointing blasters at “o” faces and a lotta screams.

But if you confess, get outta jail free,
and if you protest, it’s about a month in solitary.
(You sound stressed, want some tea?) No way,
being Ceez is all work and no play.

It ain’t easy being Ceez…
you never know who you’re gonna hafta squeeze…
It ain’t easy being Ceez…
sometimes you gotta break some knees…
It ain’t easy being Ceez…
Some cats think they’re cold til you put ‘em on freeze…
It ain’t easy being Ceez…
it’s not what you know, it’s what you can make ‘em believe,
Track Name: SOP (amoral strategy)
“Get the f*ck on the sidewalk!”

I got flagged by a badge,
after I stepped off the beaten path,
he told me to step back,
I told him “f” that,

this is my town, not yours,
you don’t intimidate, you mop floors,
and you strayed from the smart course,
allied yourself with the dark side of the force,

he pulled out his blaster,
but I moved much faster,
hopped a fence or two or three,
pulled a few moves to lose the heat,

I had just reached my hood and was
reasonably sure everything was all good, so I
pulled out my keys and unlocked my door when:
“Freeze rebel! Get your ass on the floor!”

It’s SOP, they call it SOP…
That’s SOP, it’s really what they believe…

So mad they can’t see straight,
we went from free, to police state,
overnight, self-defense got over hyped,
the law became power over rights,

freedom of speech meant money,
those who spoke Legalese ran whole countries,
the Hoth Rule was redefined,
to: if you’re not cool, you’re pulled offline,

whole cities went dark,
some ceez even turned their peeps water off,
a lack of empathy know-how,
turning bustling cities into ghost towns,

but where’d they all go to?
Family or jail, those two,
it didn’t seem civil,
they legalized being right, it’s that simple.

That’s SOP, they call it SOP,
that’s SOP, standard operation, proceed.
Track Name: Hey Dad feat. LoLo Frees
Dad, hey dad, when will you be back? [x2]

Hey love, sorry for the abrupt change but,
Daddy had to go upstate.
I don’t know how long I’ll be away, but
don’t worry, Daddy’s gonna be ok.

They put me in a beautiful prison,
just because we have a difference of opinion,
and so far, they don’t respect our religion,
but pretty soon, they’re gonna have listen,

to my tales, OF the wrong,
and if I can be jailed for doing NOTHing wrong,
cause I unveiled, they’re doing SOMEthing wrong,
clearly, they’re in the FUCKIN’ wrong.

It’s only a matter of time before THEY see
the amount of ingenuity they’re WASTing,
by incarcerating people THEY deem,
as criminal. This system is FAILing.


It’s been a long six months,
the help here are some sick ducks,
but I’ll tell you this much,
I haven’t got shivved once.

It turns out, there’s a lot of other DADS here,
who aren’t into hurting another’s CHANCE here,
and if I were to get deeper than a PAPSmear,
it’s the criminals who maintain the PAX here.

The butlers want war, that’s for sure,
they make a cool profit off the conflict,
that makes us kinda sore, and more,
so we opted for a contract to call it,

and seek peace between armies.
We can both eat, nobody needs to be starving.
but if the Ceez feel the need to keep bogarting,
we’ll slay the beast and I’ll be home in time to start the party.
Track Name: Court (prosecution vs. defense)
Order in the court, not a giggle,
you’ve sworn to tell the truth, not a riddle,
the state will prove you guilt: you
conspired against the Right, and not just a little,
attacking the economy, as-
sembling in public with terrorist comradery,
and you’re good with photography, the
evidence can be found in your online property.

Your honor, clearly there’s been some mistake,
I was hanging with the People, and we’re doing great,
we were just discussing change for a better day,
and after a consensus, we’re headed your way,
it’s nothing personal, it’s
business, that the whole world can do,
you want justice right, that comes first for you?
Let’s put the system on trial, we’ve got work to do.

Objection! This system is sane, this isn’t a game, the de-
fense needs to stick to the subject, SUSTAINED,
in addition to the aforementioned claims, we add
treason and lack of reason to justify change,
extremism is a poor excuse, for
teaming up with other anarchists who hold the same views,
the law is the rule, it’s tried and it’s true, it’s
you who is the real problem, but you’ll be fixed soon.

Sorry, ever since you let the law be bastardized,
the revolution will not be advertised,
the public interest’s been cast aside by
fascists and fear mongers when they strategize but
that’s alright, you’re the minority, and
until now, we’ve been the silent majority,
represented by more than me, it’s
everyone else you forgot about historically,
Track Name: Verdict (guilty)
GUILTY, of committing crimes against the state.
GUILTY, of fear mongering and class hate.
GUILTY, of espionage. GUILTY, of terrorism.
GUILTY, of libel, slander and sedition.
GUILTY, of aiding and abetting the enemy.
GUILTY, of self-defense and hoarding weaponry.
GUILTY, of growing food in unapproved plantations.
GUILTY, of bartering to avoid taxation.
GUILTY, of being the problem.
GUILTY, of being the justification for killing all of ‘em.
GUILTY, of being willing to do the killing…

Who put the bomb in the capital building?
Who put the bang in the middle of the children? x4

It was you… you killed them…
you’re guilty…
Track Name: Why Not Get Along feat. LoLo Frees
The question is here, the answer is near,
why not get along? (x3)
There’s nothing to fear, no one’s gonna
tear you away from your lifestyle or what you hold
dear, but isn’t it weird, some don’t wanna hear,
why not get along? (x3)

What’s the problem, that can’t be solved,
can’t be resolved or figured out at all?
It’s not a problem, it’s just a thought,
that we can’t have all the love we want,
but we got it, we got a lot,
and when the killing stops, then we'll talk,
then we'll walk in their shoes,
we feel their bliss and we share the blues.
So, why not get along? (x3)

The question is here, the answer is near,
why not get along? (x3)
There’s nothing to fear, no one’s gonna
tear you away from your lifestyle or what you hold
dear, but isn’t it weird, some don’t wanna hear,
why not get along? (x3)
Track Name: Outroduction feat. Ace Ha and DJ Innovation
You on point Toth? All the time Ace (x3)
and even when I’m krunk, I keep a sober face,

Now here’s a
funky outroduction of how nice I am, tell your
mother to your sister send an instagram, I’m like
solar energy, because I last long, but it
wasn’t that way on my planet of Hoth.
had to figure out what love meant, some
ceez running things wanted none of it, but the
public did, and we discovered that, it pro-
tects and warms like an oven mitt,
what was to become of this government by some who’s in-
tention was division of the public and the funds?
Sums upon sums upon sums is what they grabbed, at
first they tried to hide, but the people got mad,
guess what? Some fessed up, it turned
out all badges weren’t messed up, then they
stepped up, and called the rest up, soon
interns and watchers gave a heads up,
to the
top, a nod to the bosses, it’s all their
fault, they wouldn’t be honest and had to have it
all, they promised and promised and promised to
stop it, too late, they were the problem.

We rounded up the ceez that night,
powerful men, all scared to die,
but it was time, for a
lethal dose of eMpathy to change their minds,

most pissed their pants,
once they started tripping, they got so sad,
so instead of getting mad, I went
back to my ship, and broke out my own stash,

I brought them pills, we popped them
pills, and we all got to see how M feels,
the ceez were all crying, we were all
crying, we looked into their eyes and untied ‘em.

Now we’re friends and fam, the
Right was abolished, so we’re all civils again
and, the only rule is ‘be cool,’
or get sent back to empathy school,

(Everybody plays the fool)
even on Hoth, but it’s fucking cold dude,
Earth’s more my pace, I
found my soulmate and got to break ground with Ace,

that’s him on the drum kit, whether
samples or keys, he crushes it,
met him online, like a very long ago,
in a galaxy far, far away…

Innovation does a lotta cutting on the quiet, and
having a son, is kinda something like a diet,
you gotta lotta uh-oh’s and no-no’s and,
WHOA, keep that on the lo-lo,

but don’t tell LoLo, she
already suspects I went full YOLO,
you never go full YOLO,
look what happened to granpa Han Solo,

but anywho, Earth’s about to change,
don’t lose hope, the greedy always get played,
it’ll happen soon enough, the so-
lution is love and only love, better get her done.

You on point Shawn? All the time J. (x3)
and even when I’m drunk, I’m still rocking the place.