Court (prosecution vs. defense)

from by J-Toth from Hoth and Ace Ha

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Order in the court, not a giggle,
you’ve sworn to tell the truth, not a riddle,
the state will prove you guilt: you
conspired against the Right, and not just a little,
attacking the economy, as-
sembling in public with terrorist comradery,
and you’re good with photography, the
evidence can be found in your online property.

Your honor, clearly there’s been some mistake,
I was hanging with the People, and we’re doing great,
we were just discussing change for a better day,
and after a consensus, we’re headed your way,
it’s nothing personal, it’s
business, that the whole world can do,
you want justice right, that comes first for you?
Let’s put the system on trial, we’ve got work to do.

Objection! This system is sane, this isn’t a game, the de-
fense needs to stick to the subject, SUSTAINED,
in addition to the aforementioned claims, we add
treason and lack of reason to justify change,
extremism is a poor excuse, for
teaming up with other anarchists who hold the same views,
the law is the rule, it’s tried and it’s true, it’s
you who is the real problem, but you’ll be fixed soon.

Sorry, ever since you let the law be bastardized,
the revolution will not be advertised,
the public interest’s been cast aside by
fascists and fear mongers when they strategize but
that’s alright, you’re the minority, and
until now, we’ve been the silent majority,
represented by more than me, it’s
everyone else you forgot about historically,


from Death of the Empire, released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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