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Welcome all Civils, ladies and gentlemen, and of course my fellow right. It’s me, your favorite hegemon and leader, Jonathan Hothschild. On this 100th anniversary of our precious Civil Acts Right. Let us celebrate diversity and victory over poverty, sickness and crime…

Thank you for the trust,
you placed in us, we’re forever grateful,
for the honor of allowing our club,
to control the planetary bankroll,

to show my appreciation,
I’ve written an official decree,
I’m down with legalization,
so from now on, your T will be free,

just like health-care and commodities,
everyone should get what they want,
and so long as you’re honest with me,
thou shalt not have not,

whatever I can do,
whatever you should need,
this I promise to you,
this I guarantee:

as long as you work with me, I’ll work with you,
follow the rules and respect the help,
and when it hurts to be free, check your view,
elect me again, and I’ll protect your wealth,

but I need your promise,
that you still trust our ways,
your needs will be honored,
can you just obey?

“Yes We Can!” (x8)

Thank you, free T for everyone! Smoke it, eat it, vape it… let’s party everybody!

Whatever the consequences, stay with me,
no matter what common sense says, stay with me,
I’m the one you like, the best that money can buy,
so keep spending, I’ll keep lending,
until you’re all mine… you’re mine, you’re mine…


from Death of the Empire, released December 18, 2015



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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