The Apocalypse (We ♥ WikiLeaks)

by Men with Beards feat. Calc2, Tucker Booth and Toth

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Dedicated to the conundrum that is our current government. Freedom of the Press is the only option for a free and fair democracy...a well informed public makes for better leadership.


Diesel trucks, cardboard signs, Russian bars, 90's indy shows, veggie burritos, middle school locker talk, acting coach, hot-meets-Goth, fishing shows...

[CHORUS-Tucker Booth]
Transparency is the apocalypse, we ♥ WikiLeaks,
Julian Assange, interview of the year, caught the government in their underwear,
Transparency is the apocalypse, we love WikiLeaks,
Julian Assange, mi amour voulez vous, plus you're skinnier than Michael Moore.

[Tucker Booth]
Call me naive, but why is everyone so pissed?
It's not like we didn't know the military was doing this shit.
Focus, look yourself in the mirror, you
broke this, the only way to get clearer is
trade the propaganda for a pair of shears,
and cop to the lies of the former der Fuhrer.
I'm surer of this than "Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder."
Unless you live the truth, you will go nowhere further than the
island you self-created, from the people who
initiated your right to call the shots that fueled
Iraqi hatred, when our troops started acting crazy,
and killing women and babies, but when
WikiLeaks dropped the tape, they said
Assange was the problem.

[J-Toth from Hoth]
The problem, is the cause, of
human rights violations, not Assange.
He might've got a massage (c'est dommage) from
one of any ten thousand sirens in his entourage,
til two chicks that he was breaking off, started
making calls, pissed he kept taking off,
to do what he wants...that's
fucking and uncovering governments who break the law,
big businesses that take it all, and
military kill squads that rape 'em all.
'Free press activism', his native call,
til those chicks made a CIAgent call.
Then there was rape involved, (seriously?) If by
rape I mean they didn't like the way he layed 'em
all and all got away with it all, (Boo-hoo!)
creating enemies like Harry Potter's favorite wand.
Oh, he'll take 'em on, and
make espionage look good like James Bond.


Army drop outs, bland Chicago music blogs, gun purchase weddings, old hair, skate brand distributors, philosophy undergrad, bodega sales, the cost of bad sinks, r&b host emcee, pink floyd fans, tight leather shoes...and all the other dangerously furry lower lips.


released July 9, 2011
Produced by Mike G. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Toth from Hoth at the Cooler in St. Louis, MO for



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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