Question of the Moment

from by Jonathan Toth from Hoth

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Yes, let's get to business.
Will he do any? Your guess is his guess,
and to the bitches I beg forgiveness, but if I
wanted a bitch-fest, I would've asked for a bitch-fest.

If I get the right bedlam,
my girl lets me bend it like Beckham,
we're paid in Spaides like Steve Stedham,
they don't know what's in the cards, I already read 'em.

The question of the moment?
Will he have to rent, or shall he own it?
Should he give her his heart, or just loan it?
Can he solicit his art, and still stay a poet?

Where there's a will, there's a way, right Pops?
Why not whip it like Devo 'til it's white rock?
When they quit making pop, I'll try pop,
otherwise, get some other guy to keep your mic hot.

That's his position there, if need
be, he'll repeat condition-air...
you see me sitting here? Scrape away your
tooth decay, you'll see, gold fits in there,

or platinum, but catch lead like a
bad one, and get Michael Jacksoned,
man, life's a bitch, so jam one
down the throats of those foes like AndOne.

LOOK MA! No "D".
big rise, bigger fall like Moby,
KA-POW! like Pau Gasol and Koby,
I don't want your cheese, it's too moldy,

besides, I'd rather not taste your cream,
it comes from a cow, it's not made for me.
If you bring the matches, I'll blaze your team,
cause I'm Mr. Incredible, you're Gazerbeam.


from Book of Toth, track released July 26, 2012
Produced by Black Spade.
Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Toth from Hoth at The Cooler in St. Louis, MO for



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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