Conspiracy Theory

by Jonathan Toth from Hoth

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RELEASE DATE: November 19, 2013 (for JFK's 50th anniversary)
FILE UNDER: Political hip hop

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released November 19, 2013

All songs written, produced (except where noted), recorded and mixed by Jonathan Toth from Hoth at the Cooler in St. Louis, MO for
Mastered by Mark Spilberg of
Additional production by Architect, Splitface, NECKTIE, Ace Ha, Syko Red, Invectrum and EngLebuRt.
Scratches by DJ Innovation and DJ Crucial.
Art layout by Dan "Zethril" Williams of
Copyright The Frozen Food Section 2013, [Frozen Food Music, ASCAP]



all rights reserved


J-Toth from Hoth Saint Louis

Jonathan Toth was born on the planet Hoth. Since his arrival to Earth, he's been making his own form of music. He's a big fan of sampling movies, especially good science fiction. Human beings are so creative with film. He's also noticed that Earth has many of the same problems that his planet Hoth had... but they figured it out. Evolution is inevitable. ... more

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Track Name: I Owe My Soul (to the company)
You load 16 tons of gold, that’s a lot, but
16 tons of rock is just rock…

Whether flippin’ burgers, or committin’ murders, yer
not getting paid ‘til you finish servin’…

When yer usin’ debit or pursuin’ credit,
some dude’s getting paid off you, cause he invented it…

What happens in the government stays in the government,
if leaks burst the dam, there’ll be no recoverin’…

It’s not surprisin’ the price of gold’s risin’,
Acquirin’ it cheap, now they want you to buy it…

The 10 commandments say ‘thou shalt not,’
unless yer in the military, it don’t count…

So yer packin’ guns just for havin’ some fun,
how long will it take ‘til you tag someone?

If you eat their food without readin’ the news, you’ll
probably never know what they’re feedin’ to you…

I owe my soul to the company…

“I believe in both spirit and substance, our tax system has come to be un-American.”

“The country’s taxes must be fixed and I know what to do with it, if you think you’re paying too much now, just wait ‘til I get through with it.”

“What happens if your own government is using more force and more coercion on its own citizens for the purpose of achieving it’s political ends. Is that government engaging in terrorism?”

“American people expect us to protect them and protect their civil liberties. I’m going to do that.”

“What is being sold to the American people today as ‘Americanism,’ if you peel off the label you find so much similarity to what we were fighting against, when we were fighting communism, Nazism and fascism.”

“What does the government do with all the money we give them in taxes? If we pay the salaries of the congressmen and the senators, we’re supporting them aren’t we? Well then why can’t we list them as dependents and deduct them?”

“The desires of the People really have no consequence. They go out and they vote, it doesn’t make any difference which candidate they elect.”

“We’ve been brainwashed. People have been told, we need this income tax system to fund government. How did we fund government from 1776 to 1913?”

“Mr. Curtis, are there programs that can be used to secretly fix elections?”


“This is absolutely Orwellian. It’s talking about big brother looking over your shoulder at every moment.”
Track Name: Questioning Integrity (banks)
“Just listen to me. You have the problem, and you’re trying to put the blame on me? What are you getting off at?”
“No, no…”
“Yes, you are. You’re trying to put the blame on me and question MY INTEGRITY?”
“Yes, you are young man! You’re questioning my integrity? You’re the one that better take a look at the integrity!”
“I just wanted to get it cleared up, because I don’t wanna go out here thinking bad things about you like this.”
“Well I’m thinking bad things about you right now!”

So…the deficit is my fault?
Oh…that credit was in my vault?
No. Your negligence is trifold:
try the Fed, BOA and Diebold.

Banks, get paid to collect it,
tanks, get made to protect it,
thanks…is still expected,
even if you get less of what you invested.

TARP, a funny way putting it:
The Art of Receiving Profit they shouldn’t get.
If we were smart, we’d stop and put it in
something that makes money and not further debt.

Instead, they act crazy and laugh harder,
getting away with financial manslaughter.
If it stays this way, or goes any farther,
we may have to flush the baby with the bathwater.

“You’re trying to put the blame on me and question MY INTEGRITY?”

Yes, that exactly what I’m saying,
the system’s a mess and you’ve been playing,
confess your crime, and begin laying
tracks for some currency worth maintaining.

Greenbacks, last time I checked
these stacks held value, not less.
Old Abe saved us, and not them,
then John Wilkes Booth was sent to stop him,

and he did. The banks were so glib.
There’s no use crying over spilt milk,
but he never got to spend that quid. Be-
fore he could admit he got paid, he got kilt.

The USA prospered from those days,
until the banks went back to their old ways.
The Fed Act was passed to make crime pay.
The last president to act was JFK…

“I just wanted to get it cleared up, cause I don’t wanna go out here thinking bad things about you like this.”
“Well I’m thinking bad things about you right now!”

DANGER! Those guys hold a lot of anger,
old school paranoia like cliff hangers.
Is it the coke, or the thought of strangers
slicing our pie with a lot of fingers?

The problem is, that’s legal.
You’re supposed to respect that eagle,
but when Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall,
you went from kinda greedy to flat out evil.

When your sole job, is to hold cash,
how long does it take ‘til you can’t hold
back, from taking all that, and wanting more,
‘til your soul turns black and you start world

wars, and it’s still not enough, and you push and
shove, and you only get sex, and you never get
love, and you make twin towers blow up,
all for just a few more bucks? That’s fucked up…

“I don’t have to sit here and explain this to you. Get out of here!”
“Ok…he’s fucking pissed dude! He just yelled the shit outta me! No, I know I gotta go back to my room, cause he is just pissed!”

"Be aware of it, don’t own it."

“As Rothschild said, ‘give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.’ He knew that he and the other bankers would now control the laws of the nation. Government gave these bankers one of its more important powers and now had to borrow money from them and pay interest to finance the government. So the American people were forced to lower their standard of living and pay a graduated income tax to the government just so the government could give these bankers more profits.”

"Nations do not have to borrow, nations can create. The problem is, that when a nation borrows from a bank, as Proverbs tells us, ‘the borrower becomes servant to the lender.’ That is not sovereignty. So what is the result? The nation becomes addicted to the loans, and the banks then have power over it, so you no longer have a sovereign democracy, you have rule by banks.”
Track Name: Hold On (et tu brutes?)
The sky is falling,
that economic high is stalling,
the IRS is appalling,
at least political activism is sprawling.

My hairline is crawling,
the GOP keeps brawling,
just a bunch of old white men bawling,.
(knock, knock) Sir, the FBI is calling.

The election was a small thing,
especially that Ron Paul thing,
Romney wanted to be all king,
but the country was all me.

The NSA is trawling,
our own people of all things,
maybe their covert dawdling,
means our infrastructure needs some overhauling.

What would you do to save the day today?
There’s no excuse and no one else to blame,
but could you change?
Is there any other way?

We gotta have national security,
even though it's practically tyranny,
the TSA's tactical searching sprees,
alienate travelers currently.

The FED masters are perjuring,
themselves with their vanishing currency,
someone's on the take certainly,
I tried the banks, but "Mum's the word" it seems.

I shouldn't take it so personally,
secret service makes sure there's no hurting me,
but what if they don't work for me,
like Kennedy's men when they turned to leave,

and watched his limo turn the street,
that would be his last turn to breathe?
Did they even know they were murdering
the last man to try to change this murder machine?


Sorry for the perseveration,
but this man deserves commemoration,
some will forever hate him,
but they were probably in on his assassination,

or they didn't know his fascination,
with ridding our country of an aberration,
within our own government station,
it turned out, we had a status quo infestation,

we needed vaccinations,
to cure the sickness in habitation,
it's like a contagion,
that continues on inside my administration,

they make me look I'm complacent,
that change is one big fabrication,
we'll see by the next inauguration,
if I stick to my guns or fly off the reservation.


Never gonna trust them again…hold on.

“I run the military if you want that beef.”
Track Name: Conflict of Interest feat. Victa Newman of TaxFree Maphia
[Victa Newman of Tax Free Maphia]
I heard this nigga planning something. Bomb first, move quick,
rush up in your residence and bloodstain your blueprints.
Then set fire and expire all the liars, yeah I
had to rock a buyer, alibi smooth as Kaiser round the

lions and piranhas, glocks, choppers and AR’s, stacks of
dollars for the lawyers come from profit from the product, not a
Oscar winning genre, no Brian De Palma, just
Teflon armor, Sun Tzu with a blocka. See we

marijuana scholars, cool with the rude shottas, here to
rumble for my partner like World Cup soccer, disregard
your white flag, blaze fire at your empire,
warning shots spray like a ‘scotta, whoa tiger. See I

learn to make ‘em burn from the niggas with the packs of coke,
night club strapped up, no won’t do the plaxico.
Main event, Rick Flair shit, straight suplex,
dim lights at midnight, training in the tool shed. If

ever there’s a problem, these niggas turn monster,
ain’t nothing to it, St. Louis niggas love sqabbing. They
say the truth hurts, I know something much worse, get
bu-bu-buck down by the fu-fu-fireworks. We are here.

[J-Toth from Hoth]
Yeah, so we hear,
“Tax Free” and showing no fear.
Impressive sir. Well, I’m the
tax man, from the IRS sir.

With all due respect sir,
may I interject with some judicial conjecture?
I’m guessing this whole album’s evidence over
stolen music to which you’ve confessed sir.

“Keep it real,” correct sir?
Hip hop fans would never settle for less sir.
You wouldn’t speak on things just to impress sir,
right? You really mean what you suggest sir?

Well guess what? You owe me, boy,
from the rims to the dodie, boy,
from the Tim’s to the Kobe’s, boy.
This is St. Louis, Missouri, so show me boy.

Move it, show and prove it, all three,
Victa Newman, Geno and Tommy Monte.
You can’t hide from the man, I’m all seeing.
You stand a better chance of occupying Wall Street.

Don’t go there boy,
cause you know I’ll go there boy.
It’s all depends on what you know there boy,
and who, you can get to load their toys,

run up in your crib and show their toys,
take all of your whips, so there’s no more toys,
no more joy. If you still wanna
bitch, I can get your mama and…[gun shot]

“You got out of line, you got whacked.”

You can’t shoot me…I work for the government…it’s not right…

“Our income tax system represents the most pernicious form of tyrany. It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by government against the working men and women of America.”
“American citizens have been asking the IRS to specifically provide them with the underlying legal foundation upon which they administer and enforce the personal income tax laws in our country.”
“I have not found that law. I’ve asked congress. We’ve asked a lot of people in the IRS, IRS commissioners, helpers…they can’t answer, because if they answer, the American people are gonna know, this whole thing is a fraud.”
“There is no law that requires the average American to pay a direct unapportioned tax on their labor in compensation for services. There is no law.”
“The provisions of the 16th Ammendment conferred ‘no new power of taxation.’”
“Congress tried to enact an income tax in 1894. The Supreme Court said that’s unconstitutional. When the Supreme Court says something is unconstitutional, it’s unconstitutional. They tried again in 1913, and the Supreme Court said, ‘the 16 Ammendment conferred no new taxation,’ so if they didn’t have it then, and they didn’t get it, they don’t have it.”
Track Name: Karl Rove (aka the lynchpin)
“There is no constitutional basis for a tax on the wages on Americans living and working in the 50 states of the Union.”

It was a dark age that I came to,
but don’t worry, I won’t blame you,
I bring more pain for the game,
Mind if I play thru?

That was a rhetorical question…
if you don’t know.
I’m Karl Rove,
Get hip quick, or get hips broke.

I have an appetite, first course
whistle blower lips, second course,
hearts of traitors, know thine enemy
treat ‘em like animals, eat ‘em like cannibals

Snitching will not be tolerated. Ask Ashley Turton,
John Wheeler III and William Colby,
yes your honor, I ate ‘em,
now you know me,

Karl Rove, roaming the globe,
simultaneously creating, disseminating and
dismembering al-Qaeda, with CIAida
the real reason the Taliban hates us.

Keeping governments unstable is no fable
It’s how I make the bread and butter for my table,
trading, world trade center secrets,
keeping rich peeps rich, as long as I get my cut bitch,

All for the sake of national security,
I kill in the name of my father,
you will too, when you work with me,
you’re in it with the rest of us or don’t bother,

whenever you go, it’s because I say go… so…
only way to save yourself is get tipped like a cow.
The economy is my fault…why? I said…halt.

Staying on a “need to know” basis is how to escape this,
most “need not”…sorry,
commiting Hari kari’s, what probably killed him dead,
caught up in enough oxycontin to kill the Fed,

what a Rush, sick in the head. The limbo of Limbaugh,
dumbass, fatfuck, cunt-nigger-faggot,
get us all pinched in a jiff…but not this kid,
it’s Karl Rove, aka the lynchpin,

I’ll be here last, atop this pile of cash.
No one can fuck with my ass,
I don’t speak fake peanuts,
I’m talkin’ gold bars that float fast.

It’s just not new to me, I’m swimming with the fishes, but
they’re all nude to me, like Sushi,
and I’m gonna eat. There’s nothing you can do to me. I got a
wet suit, made of diplomatic immunity…

don’t hate, congratulate American ingenuity.
WINNING at any and all costs,
cause America wouldn’t survive the loss…and
I won’t have it, not while I’m boss.

Contact my satellite celly, area code 666, extention 911,
I’ll be playing Led Zepplin on my stairway to heaven,
ever since the Skull and Bones made me a reverend,
the banks call me lucky number seven.

Best on the DC tax hike, but none were paid by this bad guy.
Karl Rove, roaming the globe, but where does he go?
Nobody knows…not even the shadow, cause even he knows
you don’t rock the boat…and guess what?

Cement shoes don’t float.

“We are now going to progress to some steps that are a bit more difficult.”
Track Name: Scary! (get the w)
“Ready, set, and begin.”

[knock, knock]
W: You wanted to see me Poppy?
HW: Yes Junior. It’s your turn to be president.
"Oh SHIT!"
W: Uhhh…you sure that’s a good idea Poppy?
HW: It’s your turn son. Make the family proud, don’t be a dickhead.

Become president? Scary!
Protect the country from terrorists? Scary!
Save myself from embarrassment? Dumb Scary!
John Stewart and Colbert are slick and uncaring!

Poppy when he’s angry? Scary!
Karl Rove his brain baby? Scary!
That old, white-haired Bush lady, sick scary!
Any average day in the life of Dick Cheney.

Vietnam was pretty scary, but
luckily my military career was miscarried,
Skull and Bones? Big and scary!
Back in school, they made me memorize dictionaries!

Saddam Hussein was real scary,
but we got him hanged, then he got real buried.
My mood swings were real varied, so they
put me on lithium when things got real hairy.


Bin Laden and his Muslims? Scary!
The People might become one? Scary!
If Republicans vote Ron Paul their number one,
All the shit I did’ll get undone? Real scary!

WMD’s? Yup, scary.
We got away with Iraq, but just barely.
Yellow cake ain’t fake, it’s just scary,
and we got a 9-11 license to hunt terror.

Sodium penothol? Stupid scary.
What I seen can’t be viewed in the library,
cause they’ll kill me. Death by something scary,
but at least it’ll be quick, they ain’t gonna tarry.

The big banks been scary,
way before the NRA hated on Jim Carrey,
way before JFK been carried off to
who knows where, but it ain’t no cemetery.


W: No shit this shit’s scary, but you know what’s more scary? There’s a shitstorm of shit coming in, and if the next administration ain’t one of us, it’s all gonna fall on them.

HW: You just might be right Junior.
Track Name: Head of the State (obamanation)
“We are watching this market deteriorate.”
“We’re red everywhere, down by 4-5%.”
“We’re down over 16%.”
“The Dow at the same time has fallen about 18%. The Stock Market in now down 21%.”
“We’re now down 43%.”
“What in the world is happening on Wall Street?”

I’m the head of the muh-fuckin’ state,
I brought you change…

“Barry Stevens in the Treasury runs printing presses to print the dollar, some of the dollars go into the FED, FED takes the dollars, buys Treasury bonds that the Treasury issues to raise money, money goes back into the FED. Isn’t this all kind of one big Ponzi scheme?”
“We call it ‘monetizing the debt.’”
“Will the Federal Reserve monetize the debt?”
“The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt.”


“What started in America last year has now spread to every part of the world.”
“We’re down 9% today in Frankfurt, the Paris market down by 9%, Austria, which was briefly suspended earlier on in the day is down by nearly 11%.”
“Cicero was right. We’re in the last days of this country.”

Track Name: Human Fly (the lobbyist)
Why are you a human fly?
You keep consuming mine.
Is there no use in trying,
to be nothing but a human fly?

Why’d you have to prove ‘em right?
Too bad you used your might,
to keep our view denied,
up in your suit and tie…real fly dude.


You’re just a fucking human fly.

Right, you stay that stupid fly,
we got some soup you should try,
eat off my spoon if you like…
oops you died.

Track Name: Live @ the NSA (inside the honeycomb)
“NSA and intelligence community in general is focused on getting intelligence wherever it can by any means possible. It believes, on the grounds of sort of a self-certification, that they serve the national interest. Originally we saw that focus very narrowly tailored as foreign intelligence gathered overseas. Now increasingly we see that it's happening domestically and to do that the NSA specifically, targets the communications of everyone. It collects them in its system and it filters them and it analyses them and it measures them and it stores them for periods of time simply because that's the easiest, most efficient, and most valuable way. So while they may be intending to target someone associated with a foreign government or someone they suspect of terrorism, they're collecting you're communications to do so. I sitting at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a Federal judge to even the President.”

“President Obama has promised to run the most transparent administration in history. Some forms of phone surveillance have increased more than 60%, and some forms of internet and email surveillance have spiked more than 300% during this administration.”

“You see the problem is, if they have opinions about something that’s unacceptable, they then become a target without even believing they are. All the data’s being assembled to retroactively examine their entire lives. It’s not a question of them thinking they’re safe because they don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. It’s not the people’s perception, it’s the administration’s.”

“So this is one President Obama’s little secrets…”

“I don’t think he understands what they’re saying. I think they’re using techno-babble to convince him of their argument is the correct way, like if we can’t do all this spying, we won’t be able to find the bad guys and the country will be vulnerable, which is absolutely FALSE. We could’ve protected all the identities of all US citizens or anyone in the world for that matter and still gotten the bad guys.”
Track Name: Over Time feat. Space and Black Patrick
You know what would calm me down? (What?) A big hit of weed…just saying. Yeah…back at it like a crack addict. Y’all already know what it is, the diabolical twins, separated at birth. Fuck with your boy, no almond joy…ya dig?

The times in which we living consisting of vicious villains,
defensive, upset with killing, our preachers are touching children,
skylines lost buildings, emotions, lost feelings,
past tense and cold, I’m uptight and froze.

Is it rigor mortis or these cold shoulders we standing on?
The country’s a terror zone, it hurts to hear the truth, some people
can’t even bear the tone, gets deeper than baritones,
stressed and depressing, now hear me spit expression thru headphones.

Peace cries as loud as a thousand cicadas, while
we watching and waiting, anticipating al-Qaeda?
Change lives and lose bodies, time flies on airlines
terrorized by kamikazes, I’m kinda salty.

It’s getting faulty when president’s is throwing parties and
getting snotty, stolen elections got ‘em feeling cocky,
politicians the sickest with crime, it’s just a
part of the time, got me living life one bar-at-a-time.

The harder I rhyme, the better I feel, ‘bout our first world
country that still got people hungry, grungy, dingy,
dirty, the water’s looking murky. Lord have mercy.
It’s hard lord, helter skelter, living in cardboard for shelter.

“Mainstream media don’t report this, but it is now on the record and officially documented, that decades of terrorist attacks against their own population are in fact organized by the CIA and the White House.”

[Black Patrick]
Over time, things’ll change,
toe the line in hopes that we can overcome and rearrange the
paradigm, cause you can’t rely, on what you
thought you knew, you ought to open up your eyes.

Over time (over time) things’ll change (things’ll change), hold
it down and know to keep on fighting thru the pain that’s got you
paralyzed and terrified, you can’t rely alone on what you
think you know, you need to open up your mind and grow…

Since I can
see thru the front, I guess I can meet you in back, but don’t get
beat to the punch, or you’ll see your seat getting jacked, don’t even
need to react, or treat it as a perceived attack, just
leave it at that, and be at peace with the past. See they can

reach you, but once you’ve been fleeced the fact is, that it’s
past clutch time to scrap sheepish tactics. I don’t
preach black magic, but to circumvent the filter to the
beat takes practice, so heed Black Patrick.

Swing into action like an Indian chiefing a blunt hatchet,
keeping you grinning, making the fun happen, like
Butch Cassidy flexing a flux capacity facet,
masterfully emphatic and passively telepathic,

passionate about activism, math and street acrobatics,
Sun Dance in the rapids and take command of my habits,
be a man that’ll stand up for what I have and a savage
protector of what I believe: feeding my family matters.

“I wanna break out from the mental prison.”

“You have to attack civilians, the people, women, children far removed from any political game, so authorities can bring in a state of emergency.”
Track Name: Secret Muslim feat. Abe tha Babe, Le$$ and Tucker Booth
[Abe tha Babe]
Hey Le$$…Le$$ Rothschild, It’s Old boy Abe from the Bilderbergers…we might have to round us up a posse…

They say our president ain’t even American,
like he got real-time African heritage,
if he’s one of them Manchurian terrorists,
an intervention might be imperative.

Man, I don’t really give a fuck about politics,
all this shit gets me depressed, and I’m
trying to get all of the chicks and all of the the
chips, and eat ‘em all, and beat ‘em all, hey!

I beat the game man, I beat the fucking game.
I beat politics, I ain’t even gotta vote.
What I want to happen, they already know,
so it’s been happening, bitch I get it crackin’,

bitch I got it happening, no I got it poppin’.
I got a lot of this, you can have a bit,
I have the shit, I’m smoking weed.
[Tucker Booth]
Did I tell you I know Kanye and Jay-Z?

Shit, I bet he’s a secret Muslim,
says he prays to Christ, but you just don’t trust him,
kneels to Ramadan twelve times a day,
don’t eat for a month, what the fuck does that say?

They can see it in my pockets, in my wallet, on my wrist,
they can see on my neck, they can see it on my bitch,
they can see that all my shit is rich, everything
rich, bitch I’m so goddamn rich.

I’m from “The Company” ya heard?
I run the Federal Reserve,
I run the whole town, I run the whole fucking Earth,
I invented money, my whole blood line is so pure,
I’m looking like, goddamn, where the gold bars?

They’re ours…
I got ‘em all, got the gold bars, I bought
Every bar in the whole town, so let’s get fucked up.
That’s what’s up, let’s saddle up, cover the wagons,
call FOX, get ‘em some facts and stuff.”

They can see it in my pockets, in my wallet, on my wrist,
they can see on my neck, they can see it on my bitch,
they can see that all my shit is rich, everything
rich, bitch I’m so goddamn rich.

[Tucker Booth]
Now Abe, now I let you speak there. Now you hold a second there Abe, you hold on a gosh-darn, cotton-picking minute, listen to me…

Don’t fuck with the chosen one,
you’ll get your assets frozen son,
to get paid, join the super pacs,
otherwise smoke crack with Goldman Sachs,

go ahead, push your luck, get laid off, or
risk it all, go for broke like my boy Madoff…
the whole world’s a bunch of blood sucking zombies,
so go ahead, vote for me or that clone…

Obamney…Obamney son…

You heard me. Ya heard? AY! You listening? If the honey badger thinks you ain’t listening, he might have to keep talking, and you know the only thing you don’t want is for honey badger to keep talking. Wise old owl says that, ain’t never a bad time for a couple hooters…(laughter) Now where’s my yoga mat? It’s time for me to bend over and do a downward dog to Allah…
Track Name: Run Your Mouth feat. PLEX
“You cats keep beating up your chops, I outta turn you over to the cops, but dig this speel I’m gonna lay on you ‘kay? Don’t cop your broom, park the body and wait…”

Talk, talky, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah, blah
Chicken hawks squawk to me, like they’re my
saying ‘trust me please.’ Ha, ha,
ha…ha…ha…ha sir.
Sorry I’m no sheep, so I won’t

You politricians run your mouth like you’re
full of wisdom, but your business is in building prisons.
That’s a hell of a vision, but I’m not really into
selling attrition or other fibs on the television.

I want change like the Fountain of Youth,
but all based on a mountain of truth.
The People maintain thousands of views
different from you, and what you spout isn’t true,

it’s just lies and propaganda.
I feel my temperature rise at all the slander.
TV news has a true lack of candor, and
if they’re the goose, I’d Dan Rather trade ‘em for the gander.

I prefer information online,
DemocracyNOW and all the time.
Watch FOX, why? It’s all lies,
Every pundit is an agent, they’re all spies.

“You run your mouth, and I run my business brother…”

Signed to the few, John Q. Fuckyou

I’m about my busy now, ship it and get it out is my style,
work, work ‘til the jerks disperse and your neck hurts,
cause I’m just having fun, you’re just popping lips, talking
squished cheap racket, packing only empty clips.

My tongue’s a gun that’s fully equipped, but I pull
out my heat only when I need to, you’re see thru, we can
read you, every thought you have is verbalized. You need to
increase your intake, meditate, open your eyes.

You got opinions? I gotta fulfill some visions.
You criticize the system that I’m fighting. Get enlightened.
My motto’s ‘keep creating, keep moving, never stopping.’
If you’re half-stepping, get the coffin.

Keep talking, it’s a wonder that you breathe oxygen,
‘gift of gab,’ but I wish you’d give the gift back.
I eclipse the jabber with substance and matter,
erect architecture, plan and execute a pattern.

You’ll probably still be yapping when we land on Saturn.
Think you got some insight? We writing the next chapter,
after effects of me exposing my soul,
on joints is points that’ll have you shutting your pie hole.


“Forget the politicians. Politicians are there to give you the idea that you have ‘freedom of choice.’ You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls. They got the judges in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all the information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year, lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves, and less for everybody else. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it…you and I are not in the big club. The table is tilted folks. The game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. It’s called the ‘American Dream,’ but you have to be asleep to believe it.”
Track Name: Occupy (the revolution will be anonymous)
In 2011, Egyptians in Cairo took over Tahrir Square and held it until the masses swelled to over a million. The government was overthrown, setting a precedent known as 'Arab Spring'. Tunisia and Libya were likewise liberated with this new form of revolution spreading across the world:


Is it apocalypse? Yeah right. A
‘lifting of the veil’ that might
change the way the masses have rights, the
'powers that be' see it, as spite.

The ninety-nine percent, can fight, the
other one percent, has might, in
media, tv, and type, and
laws they rearrange, and write.

But we've been getting hip, to that reich, and
banksters that equip, bad guys, when
politicians gift, that side, it's
time to cut adrift, of that ride.

Persecute the rich, that bite,
more than they can chew, and slice,
more than few have paid, that price, you
can't kill an idea, that's right.


Occupy your town, right there,
voice your freedom of speech, fight fair, a
lot of politicians, might swear, they're
'doing the right thing,' like YEAH!?!

'I have a dream,' right here, with
Martin Luther King-like flair,
what's the point of saying, your kind cares, when
all you're doing is making, our nightmares?

Julian Assange, my man,
transparent government, nice plan,
Revolution Truth, my fam,
Anonymous, the youth, the right stand,

President Obama, might have, the
hope and change we wanted, last year, the
time to act is now, with our peers, no
need to fight the Right, just our fears.
Track Name: Neutralizing the Enemy (skit)
“First, distract target, then block his blind jab. Counter with cross to left cheek. Discombobulate. Dazed, he’ll attempt wild hay maker. Employ elbow block and body shot. Block feral left. Weaken right jaw. Now fracture. Break cracked ribs. Traumatize solar plexus. Dislocate jaw entirely. Heal kick to diaphragm. In summary: ears ringing, jaw fractured, three ribs cracked, four broken, diaphragm hemmoraging. Physical recovery: six weeks. Full psychological recovery: six months. Capacity to spit at back of head: neutralized.”
Track Name: Winning (with sheen)
Wow, WINNING! I win here, I win there,
I'll be over here like, winning,
you do what it takes to win and you win...

That’s Charlie…‘winning,’ dude loves drama doesn’t he,
like the government’s deadpan comedy,
(why so serious?) Shit, why so furious
just because we finally realized what your motive is?

‘Winning,’ as a conspiracy theorist, I
toss out opinions like facts, but I'm full of shit.
‘Winning,’ with well informed inferences mixed with a
little suspicion and a little bit of intuition.

‘Winning,’ Thou shalt have no rights before US,
transparency is the apocalypse, or bust.
‘Winning,’ like the piggy-backed banks making backs
break, do the numbers, they can’t keep their math straight.

‘Winning,’ when there’s no interest on money lending,
the lack of usury fees’ll lead to plenty spending,
‘winning,’ then everyone’s rich,
instead of competing, we actually accomplish shit.


‘Winning,’ as human beings, not burdened beasts,
the mathematical equation for world peace,
‘winning,’ it’s a WIN-WIN, so we’re all free,
you’re life is all you, my life is all me.

‘Winning,’ to do as you please, there can’t be
conflict with the golden rule and the golden mean,
‘winning,’ and everybody eats, if
I could feed everyone, I’d make it my treat.

‘Winning,’ why not? It’s not like it’s my teat,
if we work together, it’s called ‘try-ing,’
‘winning,’ and it’s not just my dream,
if we take it further, it’s called ‘I-Ching,’

‘winning,’ only love, quite sireen,
Mother Earth’ll melt before our eyebeams.
‘Winning,’ what’s the point of just surviving when
we can fly, by doing the right thing?

Track Name: KGB Outro feat. David Neal and Boris the Emcee
[David Neal]
No, I don’t believe Tim McVeigh acted alone, or Vince Foster killed himself,
and I don’t think flight 800 fell out of the sky all by itself, and
Martin Luther King died instantly, but probably not just by James Earl Ray.
Lee Harvey didn’t kill anyone, especially JFK.

Conspiracy nut, conspiracy nut, you gotta say it with a smile,
You’re supposed to believe you’ve been deceived but what you’ve seen with your own eyes.
Conspiracy nut, conspiracy buff, you can call it any name.
Until I get little bit of truth, a conspiracy nut I’ll remain.

“We can’t take anymore chances…let him have it!”

Bah, you Americans are weak, like Chechnya. Lady Liberty is pure pussy, and you call life a ‘bitch.’ Huh, in Mother Russia, life is not bitch, life is a cunt…a big, fat, stinking, hairy cunt. Be grateful for your life, and don’t be spoiled child like your children, who don’t know their elbow from their assholes. Go eat your food you get everyday. In Russia, you’re lucky to eat anything. You know why fascists and despots and mass murderers are respected? Because death is welcome. Life is good when you die fast, so don’t die slow.

“She’s not buried like your said earlier, she’s alive.”
“Well, what’s she hiding?”

“Operation Northwoods, with evidence of Operation Gladio, we have the data now available. The People understand that this exists, but they still have a psychological moment where they have a hard time to believe that it still goes on, because it’s bad news, you know? It basically means that terrorism can be manipulated in order to move people around like sheep really, and if you’re told you’re a sheep, and you’re being moved by ‘false flag’ terrorism, I mean, this is really something you don’t want to hear.”
“Yeah, we keep finding this term ‘strategy of tension’ by the White House. What does it mean?”
“Strategy of tension actually means that you blow up a bomb and say your enemy did it. What we do have is evidence that this strategy of tension goes on, it’s not over.”

“No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man behind blue eyes. No one knows what it’s like to be hated, to be faded, telling only lies.”
Track Name: Presidential Medley (postWWII all stars)
The Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, I got people for that,
he committed adultery your honor, I got people for that,
the banks don’t like Glass-Steagall, I got people for that,
women want to be treated equal, hah, can you beat that?
The Nazis are killing Jews, I got people for that,
Hitler’s really making the news, I got a sequel for that,
the military wants to make moves, I got people for that,
I talked to Stalin, commies don’t seem that bad…

We won, we won,
we shot the bigger gun,
they lost, they lost,
we stopped the holocaust,
we won, we won,
we dropped the bigger bomb,
they lost, they lost, what,
we helped the commies cause?

If you like Ike, don’t bet on red,
henceforth be sworn, war is the
norm. I repeat, war is the
norm. See, the
military industrial complex cuts necks for
checks, so be forewarned, war is
norm. I repeat, war is the
norm…hh, wait a minute…

I came to play, (oh no you didn’t!)
saving the day, (oh no you didn’t!)
paving the way, (oh no you didn’t!) for
presidents issuing executive orders,
they wouldn’t play, (oh no you didn’t!) so
I couldn’t stay, (oh no you didn’t!) the
day finally came, (oh no you didn’t!) they
shot me and made you investigative reporters…

He’s dead? Really? He really dead?
Look at his head. Yup, he really bled.
Hey little girl, no need to frown.
(Why not?) There’s a new sheriff in town.
LBJ, en espanol: the blow job,
but I’m from Texas, I don’t snow job,
I might do business on the low, low y’all,
but I passed civil rights law, I’m no slob…

I’m baaack…hah! We did it!
Yup, back in business.
You can’t keep Tricky Dick from getting his!
Nope, back in business.
We got a leak? Call plumbers to fix it.
Ahhh yeah, back in business.
What? That’s illegal? But I’m the president!
Ahhh shit…

Huh? What?
Uh, sure, I’m in charge.
But, my vice president
Rockefeller’s got a bigger yard.
I don’t know if I can help you,
I’m just a man,
And working WITH the people
isn’t part of their plan…

Whoops, huh, nice try guys,
but uhhh, better luck next time.
The People were tired of snake charmers,
so they elected me, a simple, old peanut farmer,
I got ideas, un-
fortunately, the rest of government just won’t see ‘em,
I tried to tell the public, ‘bout the obstruction,
But the CIA almost had me killed at the function…

Well, golly-gee, we made history,
now the world is ours, literally.
Hollywood was my big time sponsor, and
George made moves with those pesky Iran/Contras.
Not to mention, “just say no.”
Unless you’re buying from us, we’ll sell you coke.
Not that I would know, don’t be telling me,
I’m way more into naps and eating jellybeans.

War hero back in the day? Check.
Worked for the CIA? Check.
Helped cover up JFK? Check.
Kept that tidbit from the public fray? Ah, yes.
Gave the nod on making AIDS? Check.
In hope it would kill the gays? Check.
Allowed crack sales in LA? Check.
All in Jesus Christ’s name? God bless…

A single mom had sex with a hill billy,
in Arkansas she gave to birth to me, lil’ Willy,
life was hectic, totally willy-nilly,
until I met my wife-to-be, lil’ Hilly.
She was into politics, so silly,
I was into oral sex, no really,
then I become president, oooo nifty,
but all they ‘member ‘bout me is Monica Lewinsky…

Guess what W stands for? Time for war!
Sure I dodged the draft, what are dads are for?
9/11 was heaven to us in the know.
Poppy escaped trial, I starred in the show.
Banks made bank, that’s what they’re s’posed to do.
Most were skull-and-bones dudes, that’s my old crew.
At least we caught Saddam, hung him too quick,
We ain’t find bin Laden, but he ain’t do shit…

Well, now you know the plate I’ve been served.
I’m sorry it’s not a state of history you deserve.
Power attracts parasites and megalomaniacs.
To fix it now will take one hell of a brainiac.
Is that me? Who’s to say?
Even tho my IQ would rival these previous guys
any day, I’m still humbled…
so, why not…let us pray…

Muslims to Allah, Jews to Yaweh,
Atheists and Agnostics feel free to meditate,
Christians to Christ until judgement day, when we
all realize “God” means “good” anyways. I
ran my campaign on transparency and change, pro-
tection for whistleblowers and the attempt to get Washington
sane. So far, I got no game. Am
I to blame? Let’s talk facts and how they pertain:

I asked the FBI to change, they said, “no way.”
I asked the CIA to change, they said, “no way.”
I asked the NSA to change, they said, “no way.”
I asked the GOP to change, they said, “go away.”
I asked the banks to change, they said, “no way.”
I asked our troops to change, they said, “yes to gays.”
I asked Monsanto if things were ok, they said, “great.”
I asked the NRA to change, they said, “don’t make us

spray.” So what does that say?
When I told the People we would change, they said, “YAY!”
They voted me in, two times, all day,
but so far, your government has said, “NAY!”
I could write a bunch of presidential orders,
I could grant immigrants freedom and open up the borders,
I could tell the FED they can’t be hoarders, and to
redistribute our collective wealth from our forebears,

but I would die at the hands of an assassin,
or acquire some form of fast-acting cancer,
or my kids would get snatched by some kidnapper,
returned only after I rescinded those last chapters.
Until you People make the change, it’s that tale,
The same old, same old…it’s that stale,
instead, I try to work with these old hat males,
and do my best to avoid being black mailed,

but I’m ready. As soon as you are pissed enough to
figure out with your peers what you want to convince us of,
come get some. If I shouldn’t work with these
corporate interests, prove it: boycott the system.
Quit giving ‘em your cash, then they’ll listen.
Quit giving ‘em your cash and they’ll listen.
Quit giving ‘em a lavish lifestyle bought with
your money, withdraw your funding from their living.

Withdraw the plenty you’ve been given, and,
give it only to those who do good business.
Withdraw from the ugliness in the system,
change will come the day you make them get with it.
“Trickle down economics” was a cute campaign slogan,
but in this case, consider the “just say no” program.
Just say no…just say no, man,
just say no to control, and injure no man.

If you do it collectively, they’ll need to.
Who runs this motherfucker? The People do.
Don’t be fooled by sidetracks and needless news,
…that’s what sheeple do.
Remember, we’re in this together, no matter what.
no matter how angry politicians might become,
no matter how scary the news portrays the scrum,
believe it or not, we shall overcome.
Track Name: Do the Whiteboy feat. Tucker, Abe and Abby Heinz
They all want to know exactly what it’s really like, being white.

Alright, they wanna know. Hey Tucker, Splitface gave this beat that sounds like Frankenstein on acid, so let’s do this like Clueless.
Do what?

Do the whiteboy…Do the whiteboy…
Do the whiteboy…Do the whiteboy…

We got the good, the bad, and we also got the ugly, that’s
Jesus, Hitler and the leaders of our country,
What? Christ wasn’t white? You think I’m wishing? In
that case, in place of the ugly put Mel Gibson.
Anti-semite? Man, don’t play a dummy, be
psyched we got other people managing our money, an-
other race cooks, another cleans clothes, an-
other runs 7-11’s another mows, and
everybody takes their place where they belong, and
loves their job…unless…I could be wrong, but
why ever bother doing stuff that sucks,
“Do What You Like,” (right?) like Humpty Hump, and
that’s just what we white boys do, so
don’t try to stop me, or I’ll find a way to sue, no
dumb shit (true), we learned to stay above it, what we
really love to do is run shit like you, so…


BLAH! Beware the white devil! Ad-
dicted to bass, cause I was raised by the treble, be-
fore hip hop was pop, it was heavy metal, but Met-
allica was too greedy when Napster got settled.
Keep your eyes peeled! I’ll steal your ideas, and
print them in books, so that my people can read ‘em, and
take advantage of missed opportunities that haunt you, since
we don’t HAVE to go to work, we WANT to.
You need me, or else the industry would stop, the
internet would fail, and you wouldn’t get good pot,
80% of your rap sales would drop, but inter-
estingly enough, boot-legging would not. If you
wanna join a team, where the win is guaranteed, leave your
melanin at home or at least bring some bleach, the
greatest trick the devil ever pulled was white hype, don’t for-
get, white rhymes with right, right?


[Abe tha Babe]
(Do the whiteboy?)
Right boy, get it through your skull, before I
fuck around like John Mayer and get into your soul. We
built this city on Rock-n-Roll, and Chuck
Berry lives here, though he’s awful old. We’re
way past the days of “come here boy,” and re-
placed the Stevie Wonder with Jamirquoi,
Public Enemy’s black-balled for preaching terror, and who
needs Alicia Keys, there’s Christina Aguillera,
Bob Marley WAS in it for the long haul, but we
found UB40 and Snow, then Sean Paul, the
caucasoid’s got it, that’s no reason for hating it, cause
while you’re sitting pissed, my fam’s out making it,
we got exceptions, like those young Eminem’s, but ev-
entually, he made the grade in the end. We
use your music in new ways that’s too clever, cause
anything you can do, I can do better…

[Abby Heinz]
Oh whiteboy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!
Hey whiteboy! Hey whiteboy!
Oh whiteboy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!
Hey whiteboy! Hey whiteboy!
Oh whiteboy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!
Hey whiteboy! Hey whiteboy!
Oh whiteboy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!
Hey whiteboy! Hey whiteboy!

Daniel 12:10
"Many shall be purified, and made WHITE, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."

…and God hath spoken.